Adult Summer Baseball Leagues 2019

Men's, women's, and Coed Softball Leagues for adults 18 years and older and not currently playing High School sports are offered during the summer and fall months. Teams are placed in divisions by request, ranging from competitive A to recreational H. 

Program Details

  • Age:  18 years and older and not currently playing high school sports
  • Dates/Season:  April 29 - August 1.  The summer softball season includes 16 games for Men and Women teams, 14 games for Coed. 
  • Time: Game times will vary. Primary nights of play are:
    Men:  A - D  Division - Wednesday night
    Men:  E - H  Division - Thursday night
    Women: Tuesday night
    Coed: Monday night
  • Location: Old Fairgrounds Park
  • Fee: Coed Resident Team: $495 per team
Coed Nonresident Team: $590 per team
Women/Men Resident Team: $600 per team
Women/Men Nonresident Team: $695 per team

Note: A nonresident team is a team with 6 or more of the team being non residents. 

  • All team fees/nonresident fees must be paid prior to the first night of play.
  • Register:  Rosters due by March 28.  Print a blank team roster (PDF) and Roster Front

  • Sunday Adult Softball

    This league is for Men's, Women's and Coed teams that prefer weekend play.  Season will consist of 10 games plus a tourney.  


    • Age:  18+ and no longer participating in high school athletics
    • Dates:  Summer: May 5 - June 23, Fall:  August 4 - September 22
    • Time:  Game times will vary
    • Location:  Old Fairgrounds Park
    • Fee:  $350 resident team / $400 non-resident team
    • Register:  Rosters due by April 11 for summer and by July 25 for fall