Central Park Plaza is the centerpiece of the Downtown Valparaiso revitalization and opened the summer of 2011. It has the outdoor Porter Health Amphitheater for concerts and other special events as well as a Splash Pad in the center of the park for kids to play. In the late summer of 2015, Central Park Plaza expanded to the west and added on the William E Urschel Pavilion which is a 135-foot long by 85-foot wide, open air pavilion.

The Urschel Pavilion will be used year round with hosting a number of events in the summer and then transforming into a refrigerated ice rink in the late fall that will last through the early part of spring. Next to the Urschel Pavilion is the Indiana Beverage Activity Building which houses, year round restrooms, a rentable lobby area and conference room. This building will also be where you rent ice skates during the winter, along with a warming area with a great view of the rink.

Splash Pad Hours

Normal splash pad hours are from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Please visit the Splash Pad page located in the Splash Pad section for changes in hours due to special events.

Ice Skating Rink

During the months of mid November - beginning of March, the Urschel Pavilion will be turned into a refrigerated ice rink.