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Pathways and greenways are corridors of protected open space managed for conservation, recreation, and alternative transportation purposes. Greenways often follow natural land or water features and link nature reserves, parks, cultural features, and historic sites with each other and with populated areas. Greenways can be publicly or privately owned, and some are the result of public / private partnerships. Pathways are trails used for walking, bicycling, horseback riding, or other forms of recreation. Some greenways include pathways, while others do not. Some appeal exclusively to people, while others attract wildlife. From the hills of inland America to the beaches and barrier islands of the coast, greenways provide a vast network linking America’s special places.

Adopt-A-Pathway Program

Started in 2019, local organizations (for profit & non-profit) can sponsor a section of the Valpo Pathways and help keep Valpo clean!

A partnership with the Valpo Pathways would mean that:

  • Collaboratively, miles of Valpo Pathway will be cleaned, and hundreds of pounds of litter will be removed.
  • Your business will continue to enhance its Corporate Social Responsibility making you a major leader in environmental awareness throughout the community in which you and your employees work and live.
  • Your business will inspire other companies and individuals to take on environmental initiatives.

Interested in joining the Valpo Pathways Committee?

Valpo Pathways Committee is a volunteer-led organization that meets the first Tuesday of every month to discuss upcoming events, pathway issues and other non-motorized transportation topics. 

For more information about the Valpo Pathways Committee, please email Chuck Gleason at

  1. Kevin Nuppnau

    Phone: 219-462-5144 ext. 6307

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