Adult Enrichment 

  1. Yoga in the Park
  2. Dance
  3. Beginners Photography
  4. Qigong

Take a moment to slow down from the day and bring awareness to breath and body with this gentle flow class.  Students move through basic stretches to warm up into a mindful flow, focusing on various standing poses and alignment.  Class finishes up by slowing down, taking gentle twists, restorative poses, and finally savasana.  Savasana gives students the opportunity to go inwards, fully relaxing body and mind, and allowing peace to envelope them.  

Participants are asked to bring his/her own mat.  Blocks and straps will be available if you would like to use them.  

Participants can register for 9 week class or individual classes.

Watch for updates on 2022 program dates/times

Program Details

  • Location:  Ogden Botanical Gardens, 451 Harrison Blvd
  • Fee:  $90 per 9 week session, or $10 per class pre-registration required