Master Plan

Valpo Parks and Recreation 2020 Master Plan

Valpo Parks may be more than 75 years old, yet it continues to reinvent itself, adding properties and experiences, such as the recently opened ValPAWraiso Dog Park on Campbell Street and the Creekside Trails cycling pathway on the city's south side, while continuing to make major investments in legacy parks like Bicentennial and Tower in the last several years. To ensure Parks continues to stay at the forefront of recreation for residents and visitors, Valpo Parks launched a new Master Plan process in 2020, looking to the community for the best ideas.

"Some of our best ideas have come from collaborations, like ValPlayso and the new Dog Park," said Parks Director John Seibert. "We're interested in learning what our community likes best and where they want us to place priorities for the coming decades," he said. 

The Master Plan process is designed to:

1. Identify the community's ideas for needs and priorities for Parks properties and programs

2. Identify funding priorities and income streams to ensure sustainability

3. Create the plan that determines what gets done\

The 2020 Master Plan is expected to be complete in spring of 2021.

2020 Documents

Master Plan Community Engagement Session, October 6, 2020

Recorded video can be viewed here

Update of Parks and Recreation Master Plan, December 1, 2020

Recorded video can be viewed here.

Update of Parks and Recreation Master Plan, March 30, 2021

Recorded video can be view here. Update was part of the monthly March Park Board meeting.

Archived MasterPlans