Adult Volleyball Leagues 2021 - 2022

  1. Preseason Volleyball Tournament
  2. Adult Volleyball

Preseason Volleyball Tournament 2021

Any team participating in our Leagues can register to play in our preseason tourney. Limited number of spots available; brackets will be determined by Divisional assignments. Teams are guaranteed three matches minimum. Winning teams will receive their choice of a team credit or T-shirt uniforms for the season! Match format will be best 2 out of 3, games to 15, win by 2, 21 cap.

Call the Valpo Parks Office to register 219-462-5144.

Tourney Details

  • Age:  18+ and no longer participating in high school athletics
  • Dates:  October - date will be scheduled 1-2 wks before start of season
  • Time:  TBD
  • Location:  Thomas Jefferson Middle School
  • Fee:  $60 per team
  • Register: by October 7, 2021